Call to truck manufacturers

Transport companies want to drive more sustainably

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), an umbrella organization, opposes new standards that the European Commission wants to set for CO2 emissions from trucks. The European Commission states that they will be able to emit 15% less greenhouse gases from 2025 onwards. The resistance from the ACEA umbrella is of great concern to many companies and customers in the logistics chain who recognize the need for sustainability.


What is this about? The necessary freight transport by road is still responsible for a relevant share of greenhouse gas emissions. If we want to meet the agreements that we have made internationally for all sectors in 2015 in Paris, a lot has to be done in this sector.

By 2050, the Netherlands, in line with the Paris agreement, should have reduced the emission of greenhouse gases in transport and mobility by 60% compared to 1990. Since 1990, our economy has grown, and with it the demand for transport. More logistics movements mean more CO₂ emissions. The demand for transport continues to increase, the challenge accordingly. How do we tackle this: transport 2.5 times more against 2.5 times less emissions? A structural approach to CO2 emissions can no longer be postponed.

The challenge is: freight transport by road should emit 6 times less greenhouse gases per transported volume in 2050 than in 1990. And in the shorter term, by 2030, emissions must be reduced by 30%.

Can we reach this goal? Yes, if we use all possibilities to reduce CO2 emissions. Such as the use of LHVs (Longer Heavier Vehicles), preventing the driving of so-called empty kilometers by bundling loads. But it is essential that trucks are produced that use a different fuel (hydrogen, electric) and much less fossil energy.

All talk and no walk

As a first step, the European Commission wants lorries built from 2025 to emit 15% less greenhouse gases. To reach the Paris agreement this is a first modest step. The ACEA calls this “unpalatable” and does not want to go beyond 7%. And then only by performing some artifices, which lead to better figures on paper. Where have we heard this before? In practice, according to experts, the position of this lobby could even lead to emissions of more CO2.

An important argument of the ACEA is that ‘consumers are not ready yet’. Dutch logistics companies are an important consumer. As far as we know, however, the Dutch logistics companies have not been asked for an opinion from ACEA.

So here is an answer to that unasked question: people in Dutch logistics companies want to be able to actively contribute to their children and grandchildren being able to develop and enjoy a liveable world. They want everyone in the chain, and certainly also truck manufacturers to do everything they can to realize the goals of Paris.


We are surprised and concerned about the ACEA position, which shows no sense of urgency. Logistics companies depend on truck manufacturers for the replacement and sustainability of their vehicle fleet. Technically speaking, there is no impediment to the standards of the European Commission. We call on ACEA to stop the resistance and we ask the manufacturers to actively pursue the road to sustainability.

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