There are several solutions that we think could make giant strides on the road towards clean transport.

– Force the government to release all areas in the Netherlands for the use of LHVs (30 to 40 CO2 / NOX savings);

– Challenge transporters to register empty kilometers and to make this part of every carrier who already has a Lean & Green award or wants to get one;

– Require shippers to request inspection from transporters and to be jointly responsible for these empty kilometers and the reduction thereof;

– Agree on a CO2/empty km reduction in every contract between carriers and shippers, even contractually;

– Establish sustainability at board level;

– To charge empty kilometers more heavily when we switch to a kilometer charge for trucks;

– Forcing customers to adapt their processes to transport instead of the other way around;

– View packaging in relation to readily available, more or less standard transport material;

– Eliminate time deliveries, for example 10% less or mandatory pricing every year.

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